5 Jackrabbits Named To Prospect League All-Star Team

July 3, 2015

The Prospect League announced Friday that five Jackrabbits will represent the team in Richmond, Indiana for the 2015 All-Star Game on July 8th.

Kokomo will send Mark Zimmerman (DH), Chris Amato (SS), Chris Folinusz (C), Jarrett Bednar (P) and Feliz Baez (P) to represent the Jackrabbits this year. For an expansion side, this is an exciting time for the team that continues to grow and impress fans around the Prospect League.

Last season’s All-Star game saw the East defeat the West 9-2. Going into this year’s game, the West has traditionally dominated the series, carrying three wins to the East’s two, with one tie coming in 2010.

The Jackrabbits are a team full of exciting and promising prospects and with five players making the 2015 All-Star team, it speaks volumes of the quality of players and staff for Kokomo.

For more information about All-Star week, go to prospectleague.com for a full schedule of events and attractions.

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